13.8v Pentode SE Mono Block

This product has a high voltage warning and is only suitable for professional builders.

Ultra linear pure class A with any octal power tube
EL34, KT77, KT88,6550, KT120, KT150

Looking for a 13.8vdc single ended mono block platform. EL34, 6CA7 or KT77? Thinking of going big with a KT150? Do not let the 13.8Vdc supply voltage fool you. This product features an efficient adjustable power supply with 140w of cool power to heat up the pentode of your choice.  It is combined with an affordable and flexible design supporting a large number of output transformers in both Triode and Ultra Linear operation.


What to expect when using recommended tubes or and OPT:

EL34 with B+ set to 500v:     Plate=455v, G2=441v, Ia=68ma:    12w RMS clean, 16w total.
KT120 with B+ set to 700v:   Plate=620v, G2=605v, Ia=170ma:  24w RMS clean, 36w total.
KT150 with B+ set to 700v:    38w RMS clean 46w total


A pair of EL34 mono blocks mounted in Hammond enclosures.
Handy work by Robert B. (TN)