Multi-function IR receiver.

Easily add IR functionality to any audio project with this full featured receiver.

SONY 12-bit SIRC version available in red, green or blue.

  • Control volume, treble, bass, source and power.
  • Configurable for up to 4 sources.
  • User configurable “friendly” source labels.
  • VU meter screen saver.
  • Optional keypad.
  • Buffered JFET audio out.
  • Sinking outputs can directly drive 5v, 12v or 24v relays.
  • 3 X 2 channel Microchip digital POTs and Microchip processor.
  • Open source firmware – source code will be available for the Sony 12bit SIRC version (PIC Basic Pro).
  • Universal Remote compatible.
  • 3.8” X 2.6” footprint

IR receiver V1.1

Available software:
SONY DAV10 beta V1