RPS Extreme Phono Stage

The accuracy of a hand crafted product and the power to deliver.

All components are painstakingly matched to ensure accuracy and channel balance.
Powerful output, capable of accurately driving any amp and interconnect combination.


Choose from a plethora of add-ons.

Vintage by design.

All tube. two 12ax7s and two 12au7s, All discrete components.
Linear supply with large magnetics external to the enclosure.

Quality first.

High quality U.S. made Silver plated FR4 PC board.
Uses a mix of WIMA, Elna, and Panasonic caps in audio.
600 ohm transformers outputs.
Powder coated 12″ X 8″ X 3.5″ vented aluminum enclosure made from 1/16th 3003.
Warranty: 6 month – parts and labor.

MM shown with 5 front gain settings


Add to Cart     RPS Extreme MM basic system $759.00


Add to Cart    RPS balanced outputs (only) add $50.00

Add to Cart     Decade loading controls add $120.00

Add to Cart    RPS Five gain choices add $50.00

Add to Cart     Five capacitor choices add $50.00

Add to Cart    RPS subsonic filter add $100.00

Add to Cart    RPS MC SUTS add $400.00

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