Terms & Conditions

All products here are “Open Source” and free-to-build or modify by anyone so long as all copyright notices, comments and warnings remain intact. Selling information, software or unauthorized product without prior written consent is expressly forbidden. We do offer licensing for builders who wish to sell products based on, in whole or in part, our products. As part of the licensing agreement, the builder must clearly state that the circuit was developed by pjlelectronics.com.

PJL Electronics does not guarantee the technical proficiency of it’s customers. Simply stated; if you order a PJL Electronics product, we cannot guarantee that you have the technical ability to assemble and/or calibrate the product.  Your results may vary from others. By downloading any information or purchasing product from this site you agree to indemnify the author from any liability that might arise from its use.

PJL Electronics does not guarantee compatibility with any third party systems or software.

High Voltage warning:

Some of these products generate high or lethal voltages and are not suitable for beginners or children. If you are not experienced in handling high voltage then seek consultation before continuing.

PROP 65:

All PJL Electronics products carry a California PROP 65 warning.

In general, electronic components, electronic products, paint and production supplies may include some level of substances identified by PROP 65.

Most products are assembled with leaded solder, a substance listed by PROP 65 to cause cancer or reproductive harm. In some cases, lead free or specialty solder is used. These products also use chemicals known to the state of California to have similar risks.

In addition, some products may contain vintage or NOS components. Limited or no data may be available for these components and therefore assumed to contain a listed substance in amounts exceeding significant risk levels/ dosage level.

PJL Electronics is providing this warning out of an abundance of caution to fully comply with the Proposition 65 Law and as an information service to our customers.

Exercise caution when handling subject products to prevent inhalation, absorption or ingestion.

General Note:

PJL Electronics reserves the right to make changes in product specification without notice or liability. All information is subject to PJL Electronics’ own data and is considered accurate at time of going to print.

Customers return policy: PJL Electronics will accept returns of any item (accessories, kits or kits assembled by PJL Electronics) within 30 days of the date of delivery. Unassembled kits must be returned unassembled. Once you start assembling the kit the purchase is final. You may return your item(s) for any reason within these 30 days.  After this 30 day period, your purchase is final and no returns will be accepted. Shipping charges on the initial purchase is not refundable. If you intend to return your kit, please contact us first for return authorization. When you return your item(s), you must include your RMA number.

Distributors return policy: PJL Electronics will accept returns of any unassembled kit within 30 days of the date of your sale to your customer.  We will accept returns of all unused and unopened merchandise for a refund within 90 days with a 15% restocking fee, shipping not included.

PJL Electronics Warranty: PJL Electronics guarantees all mechanical and electrical components supplied with kits for 30 days after delivery.  If you have received a kit with faulty/defective/missing parts, please contact us inside of this 30 day window.  The component must be deemed defective by PJL Electronics.  PJL Electronics is not responsible for replacing parts broken during assembly.

Assembled Kit Warranty Terms: PJL Electronics guarantees assembled units to be in working mechanical/electrical order for 90 days from the date of delivery.  Components must be deemed defective by PJL Electronics.  If a component is found to be defective, PJL Electronics will provide a replacement part (or acceptable substitute), but not responsible for installation service for defective parts. PJL Electronics does offer non-warranty repair services. Please contact us for details.

Order Processing:  All Distributor or bulk orders may be subject to factory lead times. All non-Distributor orders are shipped U.S. mail only. 

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