Vinyl Edition – Hybrid Phono Stage

Although this preamp is classified as a hybrid it differs from others in one significant way. It features a real tube preamp designed with practices and technologies consistent with the era of tube audio coupled with an ultra-low noise OPA2134 front end.

New 2023 version is available in 12ax7, 12at7, 12au7, 12av7 and 6n2p configurations. Prices shown include 12ax7 tubes.

Add to Cart     Vinyl Edition Gold with standard power adapter $329.00

Add to Cart     Vinyl Edition Gold with iFi power adapter $369.00

Vinyl Edition Gold – phono and aux inputs.
Assembled using carbon comp resistors, Wimia, Panasonic, Elna caps, gold tube sockets and gold jacks. The power supply uses a combination of Panasonic, Nichicon caps, metal film and carbon resistors.

Add to Cart     Add IR remote control of volume, source and power. Includes remote control. $119.00

Add to Cart     Add treble, bass, and volume control. $69.00


VE input board
VE tube section

Available in assembled or partially assembled DIY kit.

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