Vinyl Edition – Hybrid Phono Stage

Although this preamp is classified as a hybrid it differs from others in one significant way. It features a real tube preamp designed with practices and technologies consistent with the era of tube audio coupled with an ultra-low noise OPA2134 front end.

Add to Cart     Vinyl Edition Gold with standard power adapter $329.00

Add to Cart     Vinyl Edition Gold with iFi power adapter $369.00

Vinyl Edition Gold – phono and aux inputs.
Assembled using carbon comp resistors, Wimia, Panasonic, Elna caps, gold tube sockets and gold jacks. The power supply uses a combination of Panasonic, Nichicon caps, metal film and carbon resistors.

Add to Cart     Add IR remote control of volume, source and power. Includes remote control. $119.00

Add to Cart     Add treble, bass, and volume control. $69.00


VE input board
VE tube section

Available in assembled or partially assembled DIY kit.

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