Retro Edition – 12AX7 Phono Stage

Add to Cart     Retro basic system with iFi power adapter $334.00

Add to Cart     Retro basic system with standard power adapter $289.00

A simple all tube design with big presence and lots of resolution. Exceptionally clean with no bloat, glare or harshness

retro phono stage schematic


Designed for high output cartridges and high impedance loads amps/line stages.

  • Gain: 38db   Loading: 47k/100pf (unless specified)

    2mv to 15mv recommended input
    High impedance receiver, amp or line stage suggested.

  • High quality U.S. made 6.79” X 4.79” double-sided FR4 PC board.
    Uses a mix of WIMA, Elna, and Panasonic caps in audio.
    Front mounted  adjustable EQ and rear adjustable output.
    Painted 7″ X 5″ X 3″ vented aluminum enclosure made from 1/16th 3003

  • Warranty: 6 months parts and labor.


Available in assembled or partially assembled DIY kit.

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