Retro Edition – 12AX7 Phono Stage


Assembled on a U.S. made double-sided FR4 PC board using only premium components including WIMA, Elna, and Panasonic caps. This is the perfect match for high output MM, MC or MI cartridges. Precise feedback network constructed of carbon comp resistors and Wima PP caps.

“This Retro Phono Stage gives sound a real presence at all frequencies. 5-Stars !”


  • Front mounted feedback adjustment for fine tuning of the RIAA curve.
  • Includes high quality Mean Well 40w ac adapter.
  • Includes a matched set of Electro Harmonix 12ax7EH tubes.
  • Extremely low noise design.

  Gain: 38db   Loading: 47k/100pf (unless specified)
Warranty: 6 months parts and labor.

Available in assembled or partially assembled DIY kit.